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I’ve had a really jam-packed summer playing throughout the week in London and heading up North every weekend for wedding gigs - the train was starting to become my second home. Luckily though, we have passed autumn and are now firmly in to winter, during which far less people fancy getting married it seems.

As most of you will be aware, I’ve just come back from an INSANE tour in CHINA! Myself and two other artists from London were invited out there to play at the 2016 Ocean Silk Route Music Festival in Ningbo Grand Theatre, which ran over four nights. We also performed with one of the top artists in China, Huo Zun, accopanying him for his performance.  I had an absolutely incredible time and I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed for the opportunity to get back out there asap!!

I’m at the Piano Works in Farringdon pretttty much every day in December! So if you fancy coming along to hear me play drop me a message and I can tell you when I’ll be there for sure.

Hope you’re all staying warm, but not too sweaty in this worryingly pleasant winter weather...

Jen xxx


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